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We understand.

Bullying, asset concealment, unreasonable parenting, self-employment, and complex financials are all in our wheelhouse.

We are client oriented.

Strategic, prompt, assertive, proactive, compassionate, and discrete.  We are your advocate.

We've got game.

We have many tools in our toolbox, and bring an ecosystem of resources to support you.  We handle each case uniquely and with due care.

Tell us your story.

We listen to you and explain in simple terms the process and the steps you will take, complimentary for 15 minutes.

Let us tell you ours.

We will advise if and how we can help, and what to expect if we work together.


Finkelstein Law Corporation (FLC) is helmed by Dr. Marc-Elliott (Marc) Finkelstein.  Marc’s educational background includes an MBA, MEng, Master’s in Research, Doctorate in Decision Science, and Juris Doctor from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson). Together these experiences offer rich insight and ability in family law practice.


Marc is a Certified Family Mediator in Ontario. He is skilled in mediation and non-adversarial approaches to family disputes, however, when matters cannot be resolved through mediation, Marc is a fierce and effective advocate who works tirelessly and passionately for his clients with empathy and understanding. 


Marc has several years of experience in family matters, including high conflict, high complexity, high net worth, and criminal conduct. He is skilled at simplification, taking approaches that are cost-effective while preserving wellness and quality of life for his clients through a difficult time.

In his personal life, Marc can be found seeking adventure, and making the most of all that British Columbia has to offer. He enjoys hiking, kayaking, biking, squash, drumming, and practicing martial arts.


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